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Guide to Inflatable Spas

So you are looking into buying an inflatable spa?  Well this site will help you determine which spa is right for you.  First off, why should you even consider buying an inflatable spa?  For a number of reasons:
  • Inflatable spas are portable so you can enjoy the spa where ever you like in privacy.
  • Much cheaper than installing an in-ground spa.
  • Easy to inflate and setup reducing your hassle and maintenance of a built in spa.
  • Offers the same features of hot water and air jets.
There are not that many inflatable spas on the market.  As you have probably searched, one comes up pretty often which is the Spa2Go Inflatable Spa.  This spa is large enough to hold 4 people and 250 gallons of water.  It comes to you in a box about the size of 2 foot cube, but when you inflate it, it expands to over 6 feet across.  The Spa2Go has a spa cover to keep the water warm, a digital temperature control, and filtration system just to name a few features.

Filling the tub is as easy as turning on the garden hose and it uses a normal household outlet to heat up the water up to 104 degrees.  After it warms up, you simply step in for a hot relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your own home.  If you're feeling sore, turn on the air jets for a nice gentle massage.

Most people have had good experiences with this model as shown by online reviews.  However, there are some things to consider that you won't find reading the product description:

The heating pump is quiet so you won't notice it running.  People say the price is worth it, around $800, and is quite comfortable. It is possible to get it cheaper when it is on sale.

The air blower of the inflatable spa is loud which may be distracting.  Since it uses air, it cools the water while the air jets are in use.  You will need to stop the air jets after using for awhile to let the water heat back up.  Also, you still need to clean the water and filter which requires the use of chemicals.
Some people complain that it loses heat too fast but by using the flexible cover, not the the inflatable cover, to cover unused area, the tub will lose heat a lot slower.  People claimed it only lost 1 degree in 2 hours with this method.

Other companies make inflatable spas, but they are all similar in features and hold the same amount of water.

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